Charm Room

The enclosed shower room selected for travelers presents our passion and elegance of Japanese style.


Balcony Room

The balcony space and its wooden design offer a calming environment. As light shines through the open roof, travelers can enjoy a moment of tranquil here in sunlight.


Enjoy Room

The glass blocks alter the light that enters. The fine bubble air humidifier moisturizes the indoor. The Section Five has a long and rich history which can be seen through the windows. Enjoy your time in a relaxing corner hidden in the busy district.


Cheer Studio

Outside the wide and open balcony are the laundry facilities. Within the bright space, the rooms are equipped with a comfortable double bed and bubble bathtub. Relax in the leisure space and enjoy your free time.


Classic Twin

Share your trip and scenery on the twin beds. A perfect distance between the beds to share the room.



Enjoy the warmth of sunlight in the morning. Observe the stars in the evening. Indulge yourself in a moment of relaxation that almost feels like it lasts for eternity.